Free presets available for Caustic 3

A very useful post from Musical Android on getting free presets from the Caustic site. You can read the whole post here.

If you don’t know Caustic, you can get it on iOS and Android too.

Caustic on the app store:

RaspberryPi pure dataTestsound0111 (video)

SideCase for Arduino and Pi is still on Kickstarter

SliceCase lets you decide the anatomy of your box!

I mentioned this last week, it’s still got a few days to go on Kickstarter, so if you were planning on funding it then don’t forget.

News from @j_liljedahl


VOSIS for iPad arrives

A new synth for your iPad that’s a bit different from the regular synth apps. Certainly looks interesting.

VOSIS is a synthesizer that uses scanned synthesis of greyscale image pixel data from photos or live video input. It is also a tool for image audification/sonification and visual music performance.

Visit for technical details and demo video.

  • Simply touch anywhere on an image to play sounds with the ADSR envelope
  • Toggle LOOP and double-tap to add a looped region
  • 6 voice plyphonly (3 touch regions and 3 looped regions)
  • Press IMG to select new image from photo library
  • Press CAM to use live video and toggle between front and rear cameras
  • PAN toggle enables stereo panning depending on horizonal image position
  • LEVEL modifies the brightness of pixels and MASK is a level bit-reduction
  • CUTOFF provides low-pass and high-pass filters
  • THRESH filter is useful to accentuate differences between image regions
  • SCAN RATE changes the ammout of time corresponding to an image region
  • BACKGROUND controls the opacity of the source image, no effect on sound
  • Double-tap the upper-right corner to show/hide the GUI
  • VIBRATO uses the accelerometer’s roll to modulate frequency
  • REVERB toggles a Lexicon emulation reverb mix and decay
  • TUNING creates major or minor chords with multiple touch voices
  • 2 finger left/right and up/down gesture control of filters anywhere on screen
  • Projector output for instant visual music performance

VOSIS = Voice of Sisyphus Image Sonification

It’s priced at $1.99.

In case you missed it: DMT interviews Sebastian from Audiobus

Well worth a watch / listen to hear what Sebastian has to say about how Audiobus came about and a little more about version 2 as well.

KORG iMS 20 Sci Fi SFX 11 (video)

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