Audio Mastering 2.0 sneak peek

I just love the first picture. All the Audio Mastering blog says is:

“Several working screenshots of Audio Mastering 2.0. Completely new audio processing engine with two modes – standard (as was) and advanced with many new features. Will be available soon.”

GarlicCheeseMashedPotatoes – Volca Beats , Volca Bass , and Monotribe

DMT 165: Gracenote, Rap Genius, Beats, CES, Gaga & more!

JamUp XT, Bias, iRig HD on iPad mini 2 – Metal

Discchord on Griffin StudioConnect HD

Discchord has the details on the new Griffin StudioConnect HD including pricing, and it looks like a very handy interface if a little pricey in my view.

Something new coming from beepstreet?

Sounds good!

Lunchbeat still on Indiegogo, take a look

Even thought I’ve mentioned this a couple of times, now that it only has 5 or so days left to go so it’s worth making sure that you know that the Lunchbeat is on Indiegogo.

Take a look, you haven’t got too long now.

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