Symphony Pro update

Symphony Pro brings a lot of fixes and improvements:

  • Fixes all known stability issues
  • Fixes and enhancements to copy & paste
  • Piano keys in Select Mode automatically become selected for easier editing of chords
  • Improvements in interaction and functionality to score editing, toolbars, menus, the voices/layers feature, and navigation.
  • Better undo/redo capabilities
  • Improved notational rendering and layout
  • Better positioning of lyrics, chord symbols, and text boxes during editing
  • The Record feature now allows you to turn multiple voices on/off in the Play menu
  • The Tie button automatically unsticks when appropriate
  • Fixed issue where redundant accidentals may sometimes appear inadvertently
  • Fixed issue where the pickup measure property could not be turned off
  • Fixed issue where editing instrument labels would cause all instrument entries to be non-selectable
  • When closing a locked project, an option is now available to save any changes before continuing
  • Updated manual

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