Custom Page Colors: Advanced Design Feature in MIDI Designer 1.6

VividTracker Preview – Amiga Protracker compatible app for iOS coming this month!

This looks awesome … Here are the features of the app:

  1. 100% compatible with Protracker modules created on the Amiga (this is the aim at least, and so far all the Protracker modules tested in VividTracker are working properly).
  2. Supports AudioCopy 2: Import samples from other apps such as Korg iMS20, Animoog and Propellerhead’s Figure
  3. Supports Audiobus: VividTracker can send audio to other apps like GarageBand and Cubasis through Audiobus.
  4. Comes with a great sample editor, where you can easily set loop points, cut and paste samples, etc.
  5. Comes with Dropbox sync folder support, so you can keep your modules in sync between devices.
  6. VividTracker has a great feature called AutoChord, in which you can transpose one pattern and track to another pattern and track using the effect 8 command (unused in Protracker). This means you can easily transpose a C-Major pattern into a A-Minor pattern with a simple command.
  7. Cut, Copy and Paste rows, tracks or full patterns
  8. Load modules from other apps such as Mail or Safari
  9. Open modules in other apps from VividTracker, for instance Modizer
  10. Email modules directly from VividTracker

14 Predictions for 2014: 2 – There will be hardware …

The second of my predictions for 2014 is around hardware. This time not really about iOS or even Android but around more experimental hardware, or rather hardware that encourages experimentation.

The reason for this is simple. In 2013 we saw a lot of this kind of hardware, some from successful kickstarter campaigns and others from well known manufacturers. In 2013 these are the hardware projects we saw:

  • The Touchboard. Which was a very successful kickstarter campaign and came from an already established startup called Bare conductive.
  • Patchblocks. Another successful kickstarter which will bring a sort of modular hardware with a software component that isn’t unlike puredata.
  • Bastl Trinity. Another modular development that looks and sounds very interesting.
  • Korg’s littlebits synth kit. This came as a surprise, but then most things from Korg do. Their synth kit has already been very popular and I think we’ll see this develop and expand.

All of the above have been very popular and encouraged a lot of interest from more than just the traditional music tech sites. It’s because of this I think we’ll see more and more of these kind of experimental hardware platforms.

Where I think things will get even more interesting is where we see these hardware platforms integrate themselves into the mobile OS world. I’d really like to see that happen.

NodeBeat is free

NodeBeat drops in price from $1.99 to nothing at the moment.

iRing – Trailer – The first motion controller for all your music apps and more!

iRing – Playing a classic video game with your hands using iRing motion controller!

iRing – Overview – The first motion controller for all your music apps and more!

Well we didn’t have to wait long for that did we?

Advanced motion detection and positioning technology that gives you control over your music apps on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Take Control

Now control your music apps and effects without touching your device with the iRing™ touchless controller for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The new iRing uses hand gestures to control parameters of effects and other items in your music apps, allowing you to create stunning and dramatic music in an incredibly fun way by simply moving your hands in front of your device. Read more at

Sonic Touch 28 – Stroke Machine and Electrify NXT

iOS app svärm from humbleTUNE

CV Toolkit (Standalone Version) – Lemur Integration

Video description:

This video demonstrates the CV Toolkit + Lemur integration. After setting it up (takes less than 2 minutes), you can put your iPad next to your modular synth, fire up the Lemur app and play around with CV Toolkit without having to reach for your mouse or keyboard.

The Lemur integration is based on OpenSoundControl aka OSC which means that, unlike MIDI, you can control every parameter with full resolution without having to manually map them.

Read more about CV Toolkit (Standalone Version) at

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