14 Predictions for 2014: 1 – Android will start to catch up (a bit)

It’s only fair to say that Android hasn’t been a platform for making music in a big way so far, but I think that’ll change this year, or at least it’ll start to change anyway. In fact, you could argue that it has already with the arrival of the truly amazing Caustic 3 for Android and iOS.

My hope is that this will be the tip of the iceberg for Android, and that we’ll start to see more interesting things happening in that space. However, I don’t think it’ll suddenly be a new iOS or a real challenger. No, I think it’ll develop in a very different way to what we’ve seen to date with iOS, and that in itself will be more interesting.

Android by definition is a more open OS than iOS, that’s a given, but as a result of that the possibilities a very different and so I don’t think it should be viewed in the same way as iOS at all. My guess, or my prediction, is that we’ll see more environments for making in Android. Systems that will allow users to make things for themselves. Perhaps something between Android app inventor and Patchfield. Now that would make for an interesting diversion.

Anyway, that’s my view, but as ever, I’m interested in knowing what you think about Android.

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