2014: Things to look forward to, 1

I thought I’d write about a few things that I’m looking forward to this year and that I expect you’ll be looking forward to as well. I’m not sure at this stage how many of these posts I’ll do, but if I get to 14 that’ll be about it I expect.

So, for the first of these, something I’m sure that the vast majority of iOS music makers are looking forward to, Audiobus 2 of course!

We’ve seen videos, we’ve seen screenshots and we’ve heard some of the features that are coming to Audiobus 2, and it sounds and looks amazing.

I think that one of the most interesting things will be seeing how people share their workflows on social media networks. Preset or patch sharing (I’m still most fond of bus routes) will make Audiobus 2 really powerful as I’m always amazed by how people use and combine their music making apps in ways I haven’t thought of before.

So it’s a big one to look forward to and I’m sure it’ll be great when it arrives. I’m especially looking forward to finding out about the features that they haven’t made public so far. I’m always curious about that kind of thing.

So here’s to Audiobus 2 in 2014. Definitely one to look forward to.

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