MIDI Designer Pro 1.6 is huge!

So here’s the whole thing. MIDI Designer Pro 1.6 brings a massive amount of updates, fixes and, well, stuff. Here’s the lot. Enjoy!

1.6.0 is a major upgrade: big features, stability/defect fixes, and upgrades.


  • Presets for groups of controls. This is a rich and deep feature. See midiDude.com/presets16 for more.
  • Sliders and crossfaders can be made into “ribbon strips,” which jump to the absolute touch position
  • High-precision sliders, knobs, crossfaders (move away in 2nd dimension for more precision)
  • “Make Toggle & Hold” for momentary buttons: momentary buttons can be switched to toggles temporarily with another (toggle) button


  • 4 different locks in design mode allow users to lock control types (e.g., panels) making the design process much simpler
  • Custom page colors allow for lots of design flexibility. This feature was originally called “Gray Page” but has moved on from there [Early video on PalmSounds](http://www.palmsounds.net/2013/12/gray-page-new-advanced-design-feature.html)… new video coming soon.
  • New control type: Multiline Labels
  • New control type: Shapes (vertical and horizontal lines for now)
  • Labels and multiline labels have adjustable alpha and LED color


  • Fixed: Bug with knob max values for non-retina devices and odd-numbers of ticks
  • Fixed: Bug with front-back layering when same page is showing on both sides (iPad)
  • Fixed: Lag and slowness on iPad retina
  • Fixed: Page color picker for iOS 7
  • Fixed: LED color picker (for controls)
  • Fixed: Y dimension of XY pads wasn’t participating in any presets, including first load and other, similar cases
  • First fix for MIDI loops in button groups with bidirectional hardware. Buttons sending off that have same MIDI message as button sending ON value will not send


  • Design refresh to Antares Peavey AT-200 Auto-Tune Guitar Layout by Chris Gretton
  • “Smart-naming” for make similar is now an option
  • Slightly reduced file-sizes for layouts and pages
  • Throttle for batch sends (send all, reset to default, presets)
  • New button shape: round (ellipse)


  • Panels are always behind all other controls, but now respect their order. Use send-to-back for all ordering options
  • Fixed: [bug with bidirectionality and named ticks](/qa/2195/problem-with-bidirectionality-and-named-ticks-button-groups)
  • Fixed: changing color highlight color doesn’t update buttons
  • Labels can now be layered at any level above panels
  • Label shading fixed for non-retina and retina displays
  • Some assets updated for retina display
  • Fixed: supercontrols no subs warning
  • Removed pedalboards feature warning
  • Fixed sticky editing for control names
  • Page highlight color white was not persisting (older problem)

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