Synthecaster adds IAA and a little bit more too

Here’s what’s new in Synthecaster:

  • Inter-App Audio support
  • Added option to disable MIDI pitch bend
  • Minor bug fixes

iTuttle gets IAA and more

Here’s what’s new in the latest update to iTuttle:

  • Inter-App Audio support
  • Pharaphony switch on all oscillator modes (up to three voices)
  • Reset switches on oscillators (useful with percussive sounds)
  • iOS 7 and 64bits iPad support
  • Some new sounds

AUFX Effect Series: PeakQ (video)

The AUFX effect series are a range of lightweight effect apps developed by Jonatan Liljedahl of Kymatica.

PeakQ is the four-band parametric equalizer of the bunch allowing you to process incoming audio and boost or cut down frequencies.

So, Borderlands update might be with us in March?

According to the above tweet and embedded email image.

MIDI Designer Pro 1.6 is huge!

So here’s the whole thing. MIDI Designer Pro 1.6 brings a massive amount of updates, fixes and, well, stuff. Here’s the lot. Enjoy!

1.6.0 is a major upgrade: big features, stability/defect fixes, and upgrades.


  • Presets for groups of controls. This is a rich and deep feature. See for more.
  • Sliders and crossfaders can be made into “ribbon strips,” which jump to the absolute touch position
  • High-precision sliders, knobs, crossfaders (move away in 2nd dimension for more precision)
  • “Make Toggle & Hold” for momentary buttons: momentary buttons can be switched to toggles temporarily with another (toggle) button


  • 4 different locks in design mode allow users to lock control types (e.g., panels) making the design process much simpler
  • Custom page colors allow for lots of design flexibility. This feature was originally called “Gray Page” but has moved on from there [Early video on PalmSounds](… new video coming soon.
  • New control type: Multiline Labels
  • New control type: Shapes (vertical and horizontal lines for now)
  • Labels and multiline labels have adjustable alpha and LED color


  • Fixed: Bug with knob max values for non-retina devices and odd-numbers of ticks
  • Fixed: Bug with front-back layering when same page is showing on both sides (iPad)
  • Fixed: Lag and slowness on iPad retina
  • Fixed: Page color picker for iOS 7
  • Fixed: LED color picker (for controls)
  • Fixed: Y dimension of XY pads wasn’t participating in any presets, including first load and other, similar cases
  • First fix for MIDI loops in button groups with bidirectional hardware. Buttons sending off that have same MIDI message as button sending ON value will not send


  • Design refresh to Antares Peavey AT-200 Auto-Tune Guitar Layout by Chris Gretton
  • “Smart-naming” for make similar is now an option
  • Slightly reduced file-sizes for layouts and pages
  • Throttle for batch sends (send all, reset to default, presets)
  • New button shape: round (ellipse)


  • Panels are always behind all other controls, but now respect their order. Use send-to-back for all ordering options
  • Fixed: [bug with bidirectionality and named ticks](/qa/2195/problem-with-bidirectionality-and-named-ticks-button-groups)
  • Fixed: changing color highlight color doesn’t update buttons
  • Labels can now be layered at any level above panels
  • Label shading fixed for non-retina and retina displays
  • Some assets updated for retina display
  • Fixed: supercontrols no subs warning
  • Removed pedalboards feature warning
  • Fixed sticky editing for control names
  • Page highlight color white was not persisting (older problem)

CMP Grand Piano now updated with IAA, A detailed review and demo for iPad

Some amazing stuff coming to Sunvox

I’m a big fan of Sunvox, I have been for a long time now. So this post from Musical Android is just great news, and it answers the question (or at least I think it does) of where the IDE for pixilang will come from, and it makes the most sense as well. Having an IDE for pixilang inside Sunvox is just sheer genius.

Read more at the musical android blog.

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