IL Remote | Wi-Fi Network Setup & Connection. (video)

SmiteMatter Music: Best Music Apps Of 2013

Each year innovation is pushed to new heights for new iOS music apps. Some years and some apps more than others. 2013 has been a strange year to me, in many ways personally, but also in regards to what I’ve see. In music app development. Not bad or anything, but it felt incomplete to me. […]

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Image-Line Remote | Android & iOS Virtual MIDI Controller for FL Studio

Image-Line brings their new IL Remote app (universal) as a lovely present for new years day (and it’s free)

So here’s all you need to know about the new (free) app from Image-Line:

Image-Line Remote (IL Remote) is a free Tablet or Phone, user-configurable virtual MIDI controller application for FL Studio and plugins. Just open FL Studio on your computer and IL Remote on your iDevice and the connection is made automatically over a Wi-Fi network.

Control FL Studio instantly or link your favorite instrument and effect plugins just as you can with any MIDI controller. Use a phone, tablet or any combination with up to 15 devices simultaneously.

Use the included controller tabs covering functions including; Transport Controls, MIDI Keyboard, FPC control, Harmonizer Keyboard, Performance Mode (Clip Launcher), Gross Beat FX, Mixer and more. If the control you want isn’t available then you can create your own.

IL Remote allows you to add custom tabs and add controls including Pads, Faders, Knobs, Jog Wheels, Mixer, Clip Launcher, X/Y Controls, Piano Keyboard, Harmonic Grid and Containers. There is a complete range of customization options for each control so that you can create virtually any virtual MIDI controller to suit your needs.

For more details check the online manual here:

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News from @appsounds


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