Sunvox 1.7.4 is coming, and with Raspberry Pi too …

Here’s what’s new in this release:
  • SunVox has been ported to Raspberry Pi;
  • engine optimization;
  • new module – Sound2Ctl; this module can convert the audio signal to the numeric value of any selected controller;
  • new module – MultiCtl; with this module you can control multiple controllers at once;
  • Amplifier: new controller “Absolute” has been added; enable it to apply “absolute value” filter to the signal;
  • MultiSynth: new buttons have been added: Options, Reset, Smooth, Load, Save;
  • MultiSynth: now you can switch between different types of Velocity Graphs in the Options menu; it is useful for complex velocity mapping;
  • DrumSynth is now supports Velocity Change commands;
  • “Change font size” option has been changed to “Scale”; and now you can change the pattern editor scale very smoothly on any device;
  • now you can set the name of the pattern, instead of the 16×16 icon;
  • now the screen orientation can be changed manually (only for Android, WinCE and PalmOS) in the Preferences -> Interface -> Angle;
  • additional File Browser functions: Remove, Rename, Cut, Copy, Paste, Create Directory;
  • now you can see the file size in the File Browser (except PalmOS);
  • new simple examples: sound2ctl*, drumsynth*;
  • new song examples: moon_secrets, CsardasContinuum (by Frantisek Fuka (Fuxoft)), berlin_fm_-_nt;
  • tons of bugs fixed;
  • something else in the final release…
 Of course the iOS and Android versions follow, but what’s this “something else in the final release…”? What does that mean?

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