Stroke Machine cleans up its problems in a big fix release

Stroke Machine seems to have addressed the issues that damaged its launch version. I’m already hearing that users think that this has fixed the majority of problems, but if you think different please let me know.

Here’s the full list of what’s new:

  • Permanent Audiobus key.
  • Fixed audio glitches (drop outs).
  • Fixed distorted Audiobus recording.
  • Fixed a problem that Stroke Machine stopped generating sound after loading a number of kits.
  • Fixed issues with modulation wheel, pitch bend and aftertouch.
  • Improved overall performance significantly.
  • Improved performance of Phaser.
  • Reduced bouncing volume.
  • Added yellow voice killing indicator to the right of the Master Volume label. If this indicator lights up during playback, you might consider removing one or two notes in your pattern.
  • Added red audio glitch indicator to the right of the voice killing indicator. During normal operation, Stroke Machine doesn’t glitch anymore, but it might happen that another process draws so much CPU performance temporarily that this results in a glitch.
  • Added “Download Manual” button to Global page.
  • Added lots of Preset Kits.
  • Changed “” to a button linked to the Franke Music website.
  • Fixed issue with kits using Delay or Clk Delay having the wrong delay length.
  • Fixed an issue with muted or soloed parts when loading a kit.
  • Fixed an issue in the assign view.
  • Fixed hanging notes on sequencer playback start.
  • Fixed problem with some notes playing back too long.
  • Fixed a zoom error in step view.
  • Fixed possible crash when loading a sound or kit.
  • Fixed crash when importing a sound or kit via document sharing on the iPad, i.e. by tapping on a Stroke Machine document received via email.
  • Fixed rare modulation problems.

Nice to see a developer really respond to issues.

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