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Here’s the weekly round up

Well it’s been another busy week for everyone. Sorry that the round up is pretty late, but I’ve been ill all day so I just haven’t had a chance to do it. Anyway, enough of my woes, here are the highlights …

New Apps:

  • Of course the biggest news was the arrival of Caustic 3 not just for Android and also for iOS, which was a massive surprise, and there are loads of videos too, just click here to find them
  • A free version of Voice Synth arrived on the store
  • Orphinio for iPhone arrives, a nice little version of Orphion, but for the iPhone, and there’s a video too
  • 432hz Synth arrives and looks amazing, but according to users it has a lot of audio ads, so beware if you’re thinking of trying it out
  • SnowChime from NTHsynth arrives in time for Christmas
  • IKM delivers up GrooveMaker 2. Will there be as many versions as the original one?
  • Electrify NXT arrives on the app store
  • VibraNode for iPhone arrives and looks very interesting
  • Serato Remote Mini arrives
  • Stroke Machine from Wolfram Franke although I’ve heard that there are a lot of problems with this app so far
  • AUFX; PeakQ arrives as the next app in the AUFX series

Significant app updates:

Things to watch out for:

  • Looks like RealBeat will be getting on the bus

Interesting Stuff:

Here’s to next week and the holidays too.