Stroke Machine arrives from Wolfram Franke ex-Waldorf

Stroke Machine is a professional Drum and Groove Synthesizer and Sequencer for the iPad developed by Wolfram Franke.

Program your own rhythm and groove patterns and switch between them in a live performance. Mute or solo individual instruments, change parameters on the fly and record your performance as high-quality audio file for sharing or later editing on your computer.

The high-contrast user interface is perfectly suited for dim light situations on stage and assists in sound creation in the studio.

Stroke Machine’s powerful synthesizer engine features high-quality Oscillator, Filter, Overdrive and Effect models, extremely fast Envelopes and LFO, sample-exact Pattern Sequencer and a sophisticated Sample, Sound and Pattern library.

The deep sound creation possibilities include two oscillators with typical analog waveforms and sample playback, frequency and ring modulation and a separate white and pink noise generator with integrated multimode filter. All tone generators are summed into a transient generator, followed by another multimode filter and a drive module with several types, a sample rate and bit depth reduction stage, and a two-band equalizer with shelf and bell curves.

Freely assignable modulations with an easy-to-understand user interface offer maximum flexibility easily surpassing even expensive hardware synthesizers.

Each sound is mixed into one of four effect busses, each featuring a sum overdrive, a compressor, a modulation effect like chorus, flanger, phaser or sum filter, and a space effect like delay or clocked delay, or natural, plate or non-linear reverb.


  • 12 drum and percussion sound parts
  • 12 melodic sound parts
  • number of voices only limited by CPU
  • 4 multi-effect busses
  • pattern with up to 8 bars and 16th resolution, bar nominator and denominator freely adjustable
  • swing
  • modulation sequencer for smooth or quantized automation of each continuous sound and bus parameter
  • 128 patterns including all sounds in direct access
  • track solo and mute
  • sample import
  • audio export of a pattern or the whole performance
  • AudioBus support
  • WIST support

Per voice:

  • 2 oscillators with waveforms sine, triangle, sawtooth, pulse with pulse width modulation
  • sine waveforms can be changed in slope, symmetry and saturation for additional overtones
  • sample playback
  • frequency modulation of each oscillator by white noise and oscillator 1 by oscillator 2
  • ring modulation
  • noise generator with white and pink noise, variable density and multimode filter
  • transient generator with crack, rattle, spike, click and thump generators
  • multimode filter with 6 dB low or high pass, 12 dB and 24 dB low, band or high pass and band stop
  • drive stage with light, medium, hard, clip, tube and fuzz overdrive and tone control
  • redux stage (decimator) with sample rate and bit reduction
  • fully parametric two-band equalizer with shelf and band types
  • glide generator with portamento and glissando for melodic sounds
  • voice allocation poly, mono and 3 alternate groups
  • 1 LFO with waveforms sine, triangle, pulse, positive pulse, sawtooth, 4 step ramp, 8 step ramp, sample & hold, random, rate synchronizable to clock
  • 2 Envelopes with (ADSR) or without (2 decay stages with breakpoint) sustain and variable slope for each stage
  • modulation sources LFO, envelope 1 and 2, velocity, note number, 4 random generators, pitch bend and modulation wheel
  • any continuous parameter can be modulated
  • voice mixed into one of four effect busses

Per effect bus:

  • sum drive stage with various types and tone filter
  • compressor
  • modulation effect with 2 to 6 stage chorus, 4 to 12 stage phaser or multimode filter
  • space effect with stereo modulation delay, synchronizable to clock, natural, plate, or non-linear reverb

Minimum requirement: iOS 6.0

The app is priced at $14.99.

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