AmpKit+ gets some very nice new features in this release

AmpKit+ brings new things to their app that just keeps on getting developed after more than 3 years on the app store. Here’s what’s new:


  • Setlists deliver masterful control over your setups for playing live shows, practicing, or simply organizing groups of setups just the way you want them.
  • You have total control of the order of setups within the Setlist.
  • Each Setlist can include a mix of your personal setups and AmpKit presets.
  • Extra-large navigation buttons enable fast switching between setups, even when playing live.


  • Use MIDI and AirTurn-style devices to control AmpKit amps and pedals, as well as navigate setups and Setlists—perfect for live gigs but also great for jamming and practicing.
  • Easily map an external control, such as a stomp switch or expression pedal, to any of over 350 AmpKit functions.
  • Works with most iOS-compatible external controllers, including local, network, and Bluetooth MIDI devices, as well as Bluetooth foot controllers like the AirTurn.

AirTurn is a trademark of AirTurn, Inc.

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