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GRAVITY – 128 patches for Animoog

Video description:

128 presets (patches) for Animoog. The most amazing-crazy-unheard-cosmic-alien-scifi­: pads, atmos & sfx – for your SCI-FI project!
The patches are available here: http://www.albaecstasy.ro/animoog-presets/

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Mobile Music Sequencer – US gets a huge update in version 3

Here’s what’s new:

Yamaha’s Mobile Music Sequencer enables composers to combine a range of phrase patterns and create musical compositions intuitively, following the flow of composition, from phrases to sections and from sections to songs.
Wherever you are, you can now sketch the outline of a composition. In addition, you can use the ingredients to delicately craft songs on a Yamaha synthesizer, or in Steinberg Cubase.

First, try loading the demo song (a number of demo songs are provided). Tap on the settings icon in the top right of the screen, select [Digital Sympathy] from the Presets under the File tab, and press the Load button to read in the song.

Create a song right away as follows:

Step 1-Create phrases
You can choose from a rich selection of 382 preset phrases (the phrase is the smallest unit in the structure of a composition). Under Phrase in the View screen, tap on a cell in which no setting has been made, then tap on the Select button on the left. To listen to a preset phrase, tap on its name. It is also possible to use real-time recordings made using the keyboard within an application, or user phrases which have been created using piano roll input. Using the powerful Loop Remix function, it is possible to divide selected phrases at specified intervals and then order them randomly, automatically insert rolls or breaks, and thus rework them into new phrases.

Step 2-Create sections
Combine multiple phrases together to create a section. Phrases are arranged in a vertical block and playback is turned on and off using the Section button at the bottom of the screen. The phrases can be managed as a single unit.

By specifying codes for individual sections, you can easily create variations. Using the Create command you can also create a succession of new sections based on the phrase that is currently being played back, which allows production to proceed smoothly.

Step 3-Create Songs
Put together complete songs by pasting together sections. This is easily accomplished by touching the Section area and then just dragging and dropping sections into the data area. Naturally, you can also input sections by recording in real time or by using the piano roll screen.


  • Built-in software synth with 92 high-quality sounds (including 9 types of drumkit) enables faithful rendering of sequence patterns.
  • Sound editing using filters, EG, and other effects
  • Mixer function for each part
  • Effects including reverb, chorus, and variations
  • Additional phrases and sounds
  • Four additional voice and phrase datapacks can be purchased directly using the application. (Dance Pop, Electronic, Hip Hop, R&B). Moreover, two additional song and phrase datapacks and one phrase datapack can be also purchased directly using the application.(Song and Phrase datapack: TeddyLoid/Mobile Conductor, access/Eien Dive, Phrase databack: QY Pack)
  • In case your purchased pack can’t be transferred to the app, please tap the “”Restore Purchases”” button at the bottom of the purchase screen.
  • File export
  • As well as a function for outputting standard general-purpose MIDI files, the application also includes a function for exporting files in an even easier-to-use format designed for Yamaha synths, in which characteristic sounds are specified in advance. (MOTIF XF, S90XS/S70XS, MOXF6/MOXF8, MOX6/MOX8, MX49/61, Tyros5 and MOTIF XS)
  • Mix-down
  • Audio mix-down of a song or a phrase and conversion of the song or the phrase to an audio file can be performed in real time.
  • Compatibility with SoundCloud
  • Audio files can be made compatible with SoundCloud and uploaded.

* To ensure the smooth operation, iPhone 4S or higher or iPod Touch 5th Generation or higher is recommended.

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CAUSTIC for iOS (video)

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Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) covered by a quadriplegic man on iPad (Garageband)

Video description:

This is a modest cover on iPad of the most beautiful song ever. The original is perfect, I just wanted to have fun covering my favorite rock song. Sorry for some patterns delay, playing with the iPad is not as precise as playing with a real guitar, drums, etc.

Thanks for watching !

Recorded with Garageband instruments for iOS
Flute recorded with the sample collection of Marcus Padrini on SampleWizz
Mixed in Garageband for Mac
Video editing with Kdenlive

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Silent Night on mobile devices – in the studio – by DigiEnsemble Berlin

As it’s festive …

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GrooveMaker 2 – Remixing Reinvented – Overview (video)

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Christmas Medley with Piano and iPad (Geo Synthesizer)

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News from @StudioAmplify


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littleBits Auld Lang Syne (video)

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BURG – deGrasse (KORG volca feedback house session)