TouchAble 2 – the Template Editor module: Steo Le Panda – Angry Panda Live Remix

Video description:

“The French Beatmaker Steo Le Panda sent us a video of him playing a Re-remix of track1 of his first EP coming out later this year.
Steo used the Template editor from touchAble 2 to build a special layout which provides everything he needs underneath his fingers.

More info by the creator himself:
“The idea of this live remix was to be able to play different sounds with the same notes. Instead of muting track with switches, which is the traditional approach, I found out it was more efficient to use a slider. Depending on the position I could play the Guzheng, the Tingklik and the Hendrix Guitar or a combination of two of them.
With the custom editor of TouchAble it’s possible and really easy to do that.
The real plus of the App is its reliability. I recorded the video while playing TouchAble over a wifi network with a router (Apple Airport), not an ad-hoc network, and unlike other Apps, there is no delay whatsoever.
Therefore it’s the perfect App to perform finger drumming because it is so fast to set it up, I open Live, the TouchAble server and the App and I’m ready to rock!”

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