SoundFont Pro 1.2 arrives

It seems like version 1.2 is a big update:

  • Velocity Sensitivity added to the in-App keyboard. Velocity values 1 through 127 correspond to the top through bottom of each key, respectively.
  • Velocity Sensitivity through external CCK-connected keyboards or other MIDI apps is also now supported.
  • Some MIDI related bugs with external CCK-connected keyboards were removed.
  • Dramatic increase in loading speed of soundfonts and instant switching between presets!
  • Large soundfonts are supported in a stable way. On iPad2, it is safe to load a sound font of 200MB. On later model iPads, you can load sound fonts of up to 500MB. These are conservative numbers depending on how many other apps are running. You can try even 5-10% larger soundfonts if the overall load is low.There is no harm in trying 20-25% larger as well:)
  • Recalibration of Volume Knob to better handle sound fonts and presets with built-in significantly high amplitudes.
  • Touching and holding the Volume Knob for more than a second will make it very fine-grained. This will allow you to increment/decrement volume in very small steps easily to suit certain high-volume soundfonts, avoiding distortion.
  • MIDI Panic button added.
  • Overall stability improvement
  • App Settings can be reset to defaults from the iOS Settings app. If you are having startup problems or otherwise just want to clear the settings, go to Settings, select SoundFont Pro and switch the Reset Settings to On. On next startup, the settings will be reset.
  • Other bug fixes.

If you are updating from version 1.0, I strongly recommend that you reset the settings as described above after installing the update, before launching it.

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