It’s that time again, the weekly round up is here

Firstly, I’d like to say a thank you to the people who responded to my questions around having an email version of this post every week. I will be looking into that and I’ll try and find the simplest way to do it. Of course if you have any suggestions they’ll be very welcome indeed.

So, on with the round up …

Let’s start with the big news:

New apps:

Significant app updates:

Things that might be on the way …

  • Svärm is coming from HumbleTune, hopefully in time for Christmas
  • Something new from iMIDIPatchBay?
  • Probably much longer term, but good to know that Jasuto Studio is still on the cards
  • Orphion‘s little brother is coming soon I hope
  • Electrify NXT is looking very good and I hope we see it before the end of the year

Handy videos:

Other interesting things:

  • If you’re a meeblip user you might want to try this editor written in processing
  • If you fancy playing drums in your pants you might want to check out Drum Pants on kickstarter
  • Junglator brings in some new Christmas content in this video
  • The Mellotron turned 50 and Phil from Omenie has some interesting thoughts
  • bip turns 1 on the app store

So, a big week really. I’m guessing that things will start to quiet down in the final run up to the Christmas season, but we’ll see.

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