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Caustic 3 arrives, but not just for Android, an iOS universal version arrives too and I’m speechless

Ok, I’m not that speechless, but it’s amazing. Arguably the number 1 Android making app has gone cross platform at the same moment that version 3 lands with a huge upgrade in what you can do with this app. It’s amazing.

Here’s what you get on iOS for your $9.99:

Caustic 3 is a music creation tool inspired by rack-mount synthesizer/sampler rigs. Everything is real-time and optimized for mobile devices.

Create your rack by adding up to 14 machines from a choice of:

  • Subsynth – Virtual analog subtractive synthesizer
  • PCMSynth – Multi-sample wave synthesizer
  • BassLine – 303-like monosynth
  • BeatBox – 8-channel sampling drum machine
  • PadSynth – Harmonic table pad synthesizer
  • 8BitSynth – 8bit equation solver synthesizer
  • Modular – Fully configurable and routable synthesizer
  • Organ – Tonewheel organ with rotary speaker
  • Vocoder – 8-band harmonic vocoder
  • FMSynth – DX-style 3-operator fm synthesizer

The app also includes:

  • Effects rack supporting 2 effects per machine (16 effect types).
  • Mixer desk with EQ, panning and global Delay/Reverb effects.
  • Master section with effect slots, parametric EQ and limiter.
  • Song sequencer

Supports automation recording on most controls and includes powerful editors for modifying automation curves.

Users can record their own WAV files for use in the PCMSynth, BeatBox, and Vocoder or import files through iTunes file sharing or the built-in FTP server.
Supports all uncompressed WAV files (8-16-24-32bit, any sampling rate).
The PCMSynth can also load SoundFont files (.sf2) and FL/Xewton instruments (.instr, .ZIP)

Exported songs can be shared using the AudioShare app.

Supports CoreMIDI for note and velocity data.

See the in-app help section for dozens of informative tutorial videos and full online manual.

There is also a FREE (full version) PC version available for download on the product website.

Come visit www.singlecellsoftware.com to download more presets, request features, share your tracks and hear what others are creating with Caustic 3.

Works on iPhone/iPod but iPad is recommended.

The app is priced at a very reasonable $9.99 (£6.99).

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It’s that time again, the weekly round up is here

Firstly, I’d like to say a thank you to the people who responded to my questions around having an email version of this post every week. I will be looking into that and I’ll try and find the simplest way to do it. Of course if you have any suggestions they’ll be very welcome indeed.

So, on with the round up …

Let’s start with the big news:

New apps:

Significant app updates:

Things that might be on the way …

  • Svärm is coming from HumbleTune, hopefully in time for Christmas
  • Something new from iMIDIPatchBay?
  • Probably much longer term, but good to know that Jasuto Studio is still on the cards
  • Orphion‘s little brother is coming soon I hope
  • Electrify NXT is looking very good and I hope we see it before the end of the year

Handy videos:

Other interesting things:

  • If you’re a meeblip user you might want to try this editor written in processing
  • If you fancy playing drums in your pants you might want to check out Drum Pants on kickstarter
  • Junglator brings in some new Christmas content in this video
  • The Mellotron turned 50 and Phil from Omenie has some interesting thoughts
  • bip turns 1 on the app store

So, a big week really. I’m guessing that things will start to quiet down in the final run up to the Christmas season, but we’ll see.