So here’s a round up of what’s coming (or at least what we’ve been told anyway) in Audiobus 2

Here’s the stuff from the Audiobus team in terms of what they’ve said are some (but not all!) of the new features in Audiobus 2:

Audiobus 2 will be capable of running as many apps in parallel or in series as your device can handle. That’s right: Multiple, independent pipelines with as many inputs, filters or outputs as you like in each. We’re doing away with any restrictions. This feature will be available as a very reasonably priced in-app purchase.

We’re also introducing a way to save presets of your connection graphs and share them via mail or your social networks.

Audiobus 2 will have a brand new look which enables us to add additional features more easily in the future and which we think looks really great and in tune with the design of iOS 7.

Audiobus 2 will be made available as an update to the existing Audiobus app.
Please watch this space for further announcements.
Cheers, The Audiobus Team

I still think that it would be better to call the presets ‘bus routes’, but that’s just my opinion.

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