Vocaform 2 arrives

Well it’s great to see this app get a big refresh with Vocaform 2. Here’s what you can expect from the new app, and there’s more in the pipeline too …

Vocaform mimics resonant body sounds such as a voice or stringed instrument. The results range from eerily haunting leads to gritty 8-Bit noise. A wide variety of additional tones can be created with the included digital audio effects.

Vocaform 2 has been completely rewritten for iOS 7. It features a new polyphonic audio engine and a beautifully simplified interface.

  • Audio Effects: Multi-Tap Delay, Filter, Auto-Vibrato, Chorus.
  • Two modes of responsive, touch-based pitch bend.
  • Assign control parameters to an XY-Pad and Vertical Key touches.
  • ADSR envelope.
  • MIDI Input from external USB keyboards.
  • Virtual MIDI from 3rd party iOS sequencers.

The app is priced at $2.99.

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