Howie Weinberg Mastering app arrives on the store

Howie Weinberg Mastering takes you behind the scenes and in the studio with Howie as he shares his decades of mastering engineering experience.

Sonic Legend’s premier release, “The Howie Weinberg Mastering App,” is a quick, easy and affordable mobile music mastering tool now available to everyone. Howie Weinberg, a legendary mastering engineer, whose career spans 3000 releases, 200 Gold Records, and over a quarter of a billion records sold, has leveled the playing field with an IOS app that allows anyone to easily and professionally master the final touches to any recording. Professional master engineering can be complicated and expensive. Those days are over. Gone are the complicated plug-ins and limiting formats requiring constant updates and expensive software. Howie guides you every step of the way, focusing on steps to bring the best out in all types of music. The Howie Weinberg Mastering App is created by an artist, in the language of artists, and breaks the process down in a simple, straightforward approach so any music creator can easily load their mixed recordings, master, and with a click, share your talent with the world. Give your music the competitive edge of a legend – Sonic Legend.

The music mastering revolution is here.

To The Howie Weinberg Mastering App features:

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Never before available integrated mastering tools with built-in EQ curves used on hundreds of your favorite gold and platinum records.
  • User can master on a genre specific basis
  • 4 different EQ
  • bands of specialized Key-Selected Frequency Ranges customized to create proven successful curves ideal for specific music genres.
  • A unique “Howie Help” button that takes you behind the scenes and in the studio with Howie as he shares his decades of mastering engineering experience through special selected frequencies in the Advanced Mode, or Simple Mode for optimizing one-click mastering.
  • Helps identify muddy-tones, enhances driving basslines, brightens punch
  • Ability to move seamlessly through your settings
  • Make your music sound great on any sound system
  • Easy to navigate compressor controls
  • Monitoring with VU meters, peak meters, and a real-time spectrum analyzer
  • Easy import and export of files (Dropbox, Soundcloud, Itunes library)

The app is priced at $2.99.

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