And a very Happy New Year from Palm Sounds

Just a short note to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s read the blog, or contributed in anyway at all. I wish you all a very Happy 2014.

KORG monotribe – おうま / BakaOscillator (video)

KORG volca – お正月 / BakaOscillator (video)

Multiple Effects in Audiobus 2 – visit

Multiple Effects in Audiobus 2 – visit

Caustic 3 — Creating Aux Bus for enhanced Reverb Effect

MC-303+Volca Bass&Keys (video)

Don’t forget: Thor Polysonic Synthesizer is 50% off

Don’t forget that Thor Polysonic Synthesizer is 50% off at the moment. Its price is down from $14.99 to $6.99, so grab it this week.

Arpeggionome Pro still 50% off

Arpeggionome Pro is still half price with the price down to $9.99 from $19.99.

Looking back at 2013 with Mutable Instruments

A nice look back at the year with Mutable Instruments, one of my favourite DIY brands. Well worth a read in my book.

Korg Volca Beats Midi out drives a Clavia Nord Drum1

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