Another track for the forthcoming album on As anyone who follows me will know my favourite drum app ever was Stochastik, a flawed but brilliant piece of work. If the promised updates had ever appeared it would have been awesome. Sadly it appears to be abandon-ware as iOS7 has killed it dead and nobody seems to get a reply from the Dev. After iOS6 came out there was a fix a month or two later but nothing seems to be happening this time. Ah Stochastik, how I loved you. But now you are dead and gone, how shall I replace you. (I am writing an article on exactly how I am replacing Stochastik … er … as soon as I have some time) So this piece is my requiem to my dear friend and companion. I crammed in a load of random generation into this. Plenty of apps allow you to generate patterns randomly but very few allow for probability based triggering or random generation dynamically (that is to say while the app is playing rather than prior to pressing the play button) This features TNR-e in bounce mode (not strictly random, but polyrhythms) Robotic Drums WeJaam (loaded with Stochastik samples. Amazing randomization abilities on drum and bass) Xynthesizr for a slowly and randomly developing pattern Animoog being played by StepPolyArp with probability set on every note Er – I think there is some Different Drummer in there, again not dynamic randomization but complex polyrhythms and some Alchemy lines and a solo from synthx The net result is very chilled – do not play while driving.

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