Spooky Sounds (little bits video)

Now there’s a good idea for this time of year!

Little Bits (Korg Synth Kit) now have gift cards that you can use to give the gift of making strange noises with small snap together devices. What could be a better Christmas present?

Light Sensitive Sound (little bits video)

Interesting to see what ‘dream bits’ people are asking for …

And, as it happens, I think I agree with quite a few of these too. Take a look on the dream bits page and ask for one if you like.

BIAS Tutorial – GarageBand Integration

CTRL Pd Tutorial 1 – Tremolo Reverb, Glitcher, AFX Glitcher

First in a series of tutorials covering how many of the Pure Data effect and synth modules are made in CTRL. This video covers the Tremolo Reverb, Glitcher and AFX Glitcher modules.

Link to rjlib library of abstractions: https://github.com/rjdj/rjlib

10Konekt: Duo of Sonic Manipulators and Circuit Benders


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