The Producer’s Manual (app) on the store now

Paul White’s critically acclaimed Producer’s Manual – the essential recording and production resource – comes to the iPad as a huge, fully-interactive App.

First published in 2011, Sound On Sound editor-in-chief Paul White’s Producer’s Manual became an instant hit, garnering critical acclaim and becoming the must-read production text of a generation.

Now the team behind the book present this all-new and expanded iPad edition featuring all of the original content across 320+ immersive pages alongside over an hour’s worth of video walkthroughs direct from Paul’s studio, fully enlargable photos, diagrams and an expansive glossary.

What’s Inside
Every paragraph from the original book has been ported into this beautiful looking, easy to use App, a scrollable reference manual that covers all aspects of recording and production music:

  • All you need to get great recordings: from vocals and drums to guitars, bands and acoustic instruments. Choose the right mic, review classic recording techniques, learn how to tame spill and get the most from performers.
  • In-depth 101-style guides to dynamics and compression, reverb, pitch correction, studio acoustics, monitoring and more.
  • Taking your mix to the next level: explore the techniques and the pitfalls. Essential jargon-free theory backed by practical insights on everything from EQ through mixdown approaches to classic hardware profiles.
  • How to master your own material when the budget doesn’t stretch to professional mastering.

But where the original book could only offer visual walkthroughs, the iPad edition serves up immersive videos from Paul White’s own studio supplemented with easy-to-follow commentary.

  • Watch Paul as he layers guitars, sets up compressors, tames rogue frequencies and performs mastering in 25 original videos. The videos, performed in Logic X, use a range of plugins but the techniques are applicable across DAWs.
  • ‘Pinch and zoom’ functionality allowing high-def expasnion of the written word.
  • Click to enlarge option on many of the illustrations, allowing for full-screen viewing.

With every page lovingly rendered to this new format, this is an App that will be dipped into time and again, becoming an essential studio companion.

The app is priced at $20.99.

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