Here’s the weekly round up, and wasn’t it another great week?

Every time I think that things are getting quiet I find I’m wrong, and this week was one of those weeks wasn’t it? Here are all the good things that happened …

New apps:

  • Monotone arrives, a Monotron like app for your iPhone (see a video of it here)
  • CTRL arrived and you can hear my interview with Yuli, developer of this great app right here.
  • Beatbox Looper arrives from the maker of Protein Der Klang
  • Nanologue arrives from Steinberg and it’s free
  • c3n Play arrives and is currently free
  • CHAiOS synth for iPad is here

Significant app updates:

  • AudioReverb updates with IAA and more
  • triqtraq gets an awesome update with iOS7 support, WIST and more, plus their site gets an nice refresh too
  • Junglator gets audiobus support
  • SQRT gets audiobus support and more
  • Phawuo gets virtual MIDI and more
  • Cubasis gets IAA and more
  • touchAble 2 arrives and is a complete re-write and has loads on new features

Crowdfunding stuff:

  • Patchblocks has still got some time to go on their campaign, you can see a video of patchblocks in action here, and another here.
  • Touch Board looks like it’s well on the way to hitting their 2nd stretch goal of £100,000 which is amazing
  • Palette is a modular controller on kickstarter and looks pretty amazing



Things to watch out for

  • There seem to be things going on with meeblip, like this picture,
  • After a long break Jasuto 1.5 is on the way! There’s a video teaser here and the site has also been updated

Useful stuff:

So, lots to catch up on and I’m sure there’ll be lots of new things next week!

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