This is my submission for consideration for Apptronica’s Christmas Compilation Album. The premise was to take a Christmas song that’s in the public domain and create it using only ios. I used my iPad4 and I played my Godin USB guitar straight into Auria using the camera connection kit lightening to usb adapter. Then I recorded the vocals using my Blue Yeti Mic. The Blue Yeti requires a powered hub so I sent the yeti into the hub and the hub into the lightening to usb adapter into the iPad. Then I added 3 tracks of synths using Audiobus. The synths were Artic Synth, Artic Pro and BS-16i using my Korg Nanokeys2 as the controller into the CCK lightening to Usb. Once all the tracks were mixed I exported the finale wave and copy and pasted it into Audio Mastering (Igor Vasiliev’s wonderful app!) and uploaded that wave to soundcloud. I hope you like it and thanks for listening

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