c3n play arrives on the app store (and it is free for now)

c3n play arrives and it’s free at the moment although there seems to be an introductory period but no clear view of how long that is. The content that comes with it is free, but there are other content packs available via IAP (of course).

Here’s the rest of the app’s description:

C3N.play is free during the introduction period.

C3N.play is a live performance loop player. We have carefully designed the user experience for a free workflow. You can arrange performances from the exploration and improvisation of hundreds of loops created by professional artists.

We believe that freedom is a feature. With a few cautiously designed features that can be combined freely provides a low learning threshold and room for virtuosity. C3N.play provides these essential features:

  • Play and stop loops
  • Manipulate volume, high pass filter frequency, low pass filter frequency, and resonance
  • Create performances from collections of playing loops
  • Arrange scenes of loops in a performance
  • Play and stop scenes
  • Add loops to a playing scene
  • Remove a loop from a performance
  • Clone and delete a performance
  • InAppPurchase of loop packs

C3N.play contains four free loop packs. Each loop pack contains up to twenty loops or more. Over 280 loops were composed by Håkan Lidbo, David Laake, and Emil Hedin. Loop packs can be added via inAppPurchase.

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