So, I said something great was coming, here’s an interview with the developer of CTRL, which is due tomorrow

I had an opportunity to talk to Yuli from Reactify Music who are behind a great new iOS app called CTRL. The app is due out tomorrow and it is going to be great.

You can find out more at their twitter stream here.

And then Junglator got Audiobus

So in case you missed it from earlier, Junglator is now on the Audiobus with version 1.1, and if that wasn’t enough, take a look at Amplify.IO’s latest blog post.

Something great is coming …

And you’re going to hear about it here very soon, right here …

littleBits Synth Kit

Akai Pro MPC Software 1.5 Project Information Window | MPC One-Shot

Master FX in a live environment

Some useful information on how to make Master FX work in a live environment.

New (and very cool) site for triqtraq

Well worth a look at their new site, especially as it has more details of the new version 1.3 of the app.

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