A bad picture of me speaking at Music Tech Pitch 4.5

Update on Touch Board and MIDI with the iPad

Here’s what Bare Conductive have to say in their latest update:

Thanks for all of your great feedback on our last MIDI video. Not surprisingly, we had a bunch more questions. A lot of you asked if you could hook the Touch Board up to an iPad as a MIDI device and the answer is… YES!

To do this, you’ll need a Touch Board, an iPad a Camera Connection Kit from Apple (also known as a Lightning to USB Camera Adapter) and a powered USB hub. The powered USB hub is required as without it the iPad will tell you that the Touch Board is drawing too much power. Once you’ve set it up, you’ll have a pretty amazing setup. It’s up to you to figure out how to use it…

Auria competition still open until the 22nd

Don’t forget, there are some great prizes for this and you’ve got until the 22nd to enter the contest. Full details here.

triqtraq codes released …

As promised here are the codes from the very nice people from triqtraq


If you’re lucky enough to grab a code please redeem it via iTunes ASAP as the developer is about to submit a new version which will render these codes invalid.


Thanks again to triqtraq for the codes and their great app.

10 triqtraq codes up for grabs at 10pm (GMT) PLEASE READ

The lovely people at triqtraq have given me 10 promo codes to give away for their app and I’ll be releasing them at 10pm GMT.

All 10 codes will be released at once, here, in a single post, so if you’re watching via twitter there will be a delay and you’ll almost certainly miss out.

So, stay tuned, less than an hour until the codes get released, and just so you know what’s at stake here’s a video all about the app:

Less than a week for Touch Board on kickstarter

And the stuff they’re doing with the board and MIDI is really going to be very cool.


Boxcutter plays Patchblocks (video)

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