A series of live jams with the new littleBits Synth Kit, a simple modular system made in collaboration with KORG using magnets to connect modules. All recorded live with only light edits and no post-processing, directly into an iPad via Sonoma WireWorks’ (very nice-sounding) GuitarJack and Sonoma StudioTrack. In Etudes 1-3, you’ll hear some variations on a two-oscillator synth with (MS-20) filter, envelope, and delay. (Etude #3 makes use of the noise source for modulation.) Etude 4 is an example of a frequency modulation setup. Etude 5 uses the random oscillator for percussion. These use the step sequencer, occasionally triggered from the keyboard. CC-licensed, so please feel free to download and sample! (I’ll be sampling them into some songs.) Just send a note if you make something, as I’d love to hear it!

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