PHEM – The Palm Hardware Emulator M68k

SampleMoog™ – Mobile Edition: The Latest Collection for SampleTank for iPad and iPhone

Moon looper – experimental noises (video)

The Moon Looper makes noise, the noise is good!
More info and shop here.

What have Teenage Engineering got planned?

Bermuda – Heartbeat (Anthony Seeha Remix) made with Korg M01

Video description:

“A remix of a friend of mine. Korg M01 is an awesome piece of software. For some reason, I’m actually overwhelmed by all the extra polyphony in Korg M01D. I experienced the same thing when I first tried out Dual Mode in Korg DS-10 Plus! I’ll get used to it soon. Please enjoy the music and montage! =)”

LINE 6 REVIEW play Guitar on iOS7, Iphone 5S, Ipad Air with SONIC PORT

Via Discchord.

Master FX for iPad arrives

Another great app from the maker of Master Record and Audio Mastering Studio. The series continues with a versatile FX app. Here are the details:

Multipurpose effect processor for guitar, synthesizer and voice, providing a wide range of high-quality and creative effects options for audio processing.

Includes a broad selection of audio processing options, comprehensive presets system, flexible audio routing options for connecting effect modules, audio player and recorder, low latency and highest quality of audio processing.

Master FX is intended for real-time processing of sound from one or two external instruments or microphones separately while playing or singing. It can also mix instrument sound or voice with pre-recorded audio tracks. Master FX can also be used as a sound processor within a variety of other musical applications as it supports Audiobus. This allows the app to be used as an effects processor as part of an iOS-based multitrack recording system.

Built-in effects:

  • 3-Band parametric equalizer
  • Chorus
  • Flanger
  • Pitch modulator
  • Delay
  • Reverb
  • Compressor
  • Limiter on main output

Main features:

  • Low-latency for real time playing.
  • Up to 6 effects at once.
  • Various options for connecting effect modules.
  • Processing of the two channels separately.
  • Built-in player with playlists feature.
  • Convenient playback control.
  • Built-in recorder with switching sources (input, processed, output).
  • Individual presets for each effect module.
  • Global presets for all module parameters and connections.
  • Includes control options designed specifically for live performance.
  • Supports Audiobus in Effect or Output position.
  • Support Dropbox web service (you will need free Dropbox account).
  • Exchange files between applications through audio clipboard.
  • Support “Open in” feature to move audio files from other applications.
  • Option “Open file in” sends file directly to another application.
  • Access to files through internal Web service in local network.
  • Support for iTunes file share.


iPad 2 and higher is strongly recommended (especially with Audiobus).

Generally this application can be run on first generation iPad but there is a possibility of audio dropouts. Offline processing can be done with any iPad.

The app is priced at $11.99.

Ep.35: Stephen Peach, CEO at Moshcam (DMT 1-2-1)

Does 7.0.4 make things any better?

Let’s face it, iOS7 hasn’t been good for music making, so my open question for today is, does this latest update (7.0.4) make things better or worse?

The daily picture …

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