Touch Board has less than two weeks but is in site of their stretch goals

Touch Board is getting very close to their aspirational £75,000 target now. Less than two weeks to go.

Phwoooaaa -or- Untitled Track 2

Video description:

“Giving a new iPad app a try, called Phawuo — a subtractive mono synth that promised extremely dirty sounds, and definitely delivered. You won’t see it in action, but I had to play it live into the the sampler due to its lack of a sequencer, so there’s that.

Most of the sounds (minus the bass guitar and chime preset) came from the Phawuo app, sampled and effected on the Zoom SampleTrak ST-224 sampler seen in the video.

Unfortunately, a lot of the action isn’t in the frame. I’m using a mixer to cut tracks in and out with my right hand. My left hand can be seen cueing up each section of the song on the Yamaha QY70, going from Intro to Main A and the Ending. Also not immediately obvious is that the QY70 is controlling the sampler via MIDI. The QY70 can be a tricky sequencer to get the hang of, but I’ve been able to limp along with it, so far.”

Phawuo on the app store:

Master FX guitar processing (video)

Robotic Drums (features) – A Drum Synth with Probability Sequencer for iOS

Patch Morpher for iPad – Demo

Video description:

Patch Morpher is a live performance tool and sound explorer for your synthesiser.

Just as an artist mixes paints to create new colours, Patch Morpher allows you to mix the patches from your synthesiser to create inspiring new sounds.

Create new & original sounds really easily & quickly:

  • Start from your favourite presets.
  • Smoothly morph from one patch to another, or enable random mutations.
  • Control hundreds of parameters as you move your finger on the screen.
  • Play your synth and listen to the changes in real-time as the sound evolves!
  • Fine-tune your creations using the full visual editor.
  • Save your patches to your iPad and create live performance “Scenes” with your favourite sounds.
  • Compatible with the DSI Prophet 08 & Prophet 12, the Korg KingKorg, Moog Voyager & the Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1.
  • Utility to assist in converting sounds from the Prophet 08 to the Prophet 12.

Patch Morpher will totally change how you create sounds for your synthesiser: be inspired and have fun making music!

Master FX in the studio (video)

SampleTank ALL the new sounds from the new SampleMoog sound pack for iPad

MIDI Editor – Music Sketchpad goes universal and more

MIDI Editor – Music Sketchpad updates. Here’s what’s new:

  • Adds iPhone & iPod touch support
  • Supports landscape and portrait modes on all devices
  • Adds 64-bit support
  • Adds MIDI output channel selection

C.24 update: New prototypes and HEM controllers

Great news from Miselu on their C.24 keyboard. The whole HEM (hardware expansion module) concept is really taking off and is going in just the sort of direction I hoped it would.

You can read the whole update on their kickstarter page.

Audulus update

In case you missed it from yesterday, here’s the detail of the latest Audulus update:

  • Add new DSP node category.
  • Add DCBlocker node in DSP category – requested by forum user BTL.
  • Move HighPass and LowPass nodes to DSP category.
  • Make sync behavior consistent on all oscillators – thanks to forum user whitemix for pointing this out!
  • Improve reliability of switching between iCloud and local storage.

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