PHEM is a new Palm OS emulator for Android

So if you didn’t like StyleTap or thought it was too expensive you might want to take a look at PHEM. It’s a lot cheaper and has some pretty amazing features too. Here’s what you can expect …

PHEM Features

  • Supports black and white, grayscale, 8-bit, and 16-bit color. It even supports the Handera 330’s “High Res” grayscale screen!
  • Supports sound and (for versions of the Palm OS that support it) vibration.
  • Supports multiple different “sessions” emulating different Palms – multiple models, multiple versions of a single model, or both.
  • Allows you to use your device’s storage as a virtual expansion card.
  • Emulated Palms can communicate using your device’s network connection (wifi or cellular).
  • Supports cutting and pasting text between the emulated Palm and your device.
  • Supports hardware keyboards if present on your device.
  • Supports “skin” files that precisely mimic the appearance of particular Palm devices.
  • Supports most Palm “Hacks”.

PHEM Limitations

  • Like MAME (which emulates arcade machines like Space Invaders or Defender) or NESoid (which emulates a NES game console), PHEM emulates Palm hardware only – a Palm OS ROM image is required to run.
  • PHEM does not emulate Palm models with ARM CPUs (any Palm running OS 5.x). (If you require this, do check out the StyleTap emulator.)
  • PHEM does not support IRDA or serial hardware.
  • Some games and hacks that rely on undocumented hardware features may fail.
  • Multi-touch is not supported on Android versions below Android 3.0 (Gingerbread).
You can find it on the play store, and you’ll notice it’s pretty cheap.

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