Patch Morpher arrives and it looks like it’ll work with my Shruth-1 !

Patch Morpher is an innovative sound generator, patch editor, librarian and interactive performance tool for synthesisers.

Just as an artist mixes paints to create new colours, Patch Morpher allows you to create new sounds from your favourite patches & presets.

Patches can be organised into scenes for live performance, and you can then morph or mutate between them to create totally original new sounds & patches, controlling hundreds of parameters with one finger, all in real-time. You can even keep playing your synth as the sound evolves.

A full editor is available to allow you to further tweak your sounds, taking advantage of the iPad’s touch screen to give you full control whilst allowing you to view many parameters at a single glance with no hidden menus. Patches can be saved on your iPad so you won’t run out of storage slots on your synthesiser.

The application also provides support for converting patches between the Prophet 08 and the Prophet 12. And you can also play the Moog Voyager “paraphonically”: simulating up to 3-note polyphony!!

Patch Morpher uses Core MIDI, and the Apple camera connection kit and a USB cable, or a MIDI interface, are required to connect your iPad to your synthesiser.

Patch Morpher is currently only compatible with the following synthesisers:

  • Moog Voyager
  • Dave Smith Prophet 08
  • Dave Smith Prophet 12
  • Korg KingKorg
  • Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1
  • (more coming soon!)

Please see our web-site for a video demo, user manual & free patch downloads.

Patch Morpher will totally change how you create sounds for your synthesiser: it’s easy & fun to create inspiring sounds, plus you’ll have more time to play & make music!

The app is free, but I think it has IAPs.

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