Squidfanny (Legacy) – Circuit Bent MONOTRIBE with R 50 & VCO Mute (March 2013)

Arduino at Maker Faire Rome – October 2013

If you’re into mobile music you should be reading iOS Musician

There are some great sites for mobile musicians now, and iOS Musicians is one of the best. If you don’t know it then you really should take a look.

Touch Board over 400% funded and moving toward stretch goals

And their next goal is to get to £75,000. Which doesn’t look like it will take them very long the way they’re going.


nils is still 50% off for Movember!

nils is 50% off right now with the price down from $1.99 to just $0.99, and what’s more all the proceeds from the sale are going to Movember! If you don’t know what that is, then check out my Movember page to find out, and then buy nils as it’s a great app too and a personal favourite of mine.

Whilst you’re at it check out some of the developer’s other apps too.

Master Record is still 50%

Master Record is currently 50% off with the price down from $9.99 to just $4.99.

Audio Mastering is also 50% off

Audio Mastering is also 50% off with the price down from $11.99 to $5.99.

London Music Hack Day ticket schedule …

You can register for tickets via Eventbrite. They’re putting them out in batches so they don’t all disappear before everyone gets a shot at getting them.

  • Batch 1 – Monday 11th November
  • Batch 2 – Tuesday 12th November @ 10am
  • Batch 3 – Wednesday 13th November @ 10am
  • Demo Session – Thursday 14th November @ 10am (very limited numbers)

You can find out more about where the event is this year here.

The daily picture …

What can I say …

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