Apptronica is coming …

It always interests me to see how the mobile music community and ecosystem is growing and developing and the launch of apptronica can only be a good thing as far as I can see. It has people behind it who are passionate about the mobile world and love creating music. So I wish it every success.

Here’s the news/release post:

iOS Music Community founder Clif Johnston announces the rebranding of the popular social network as Apptronica and expands services to include a new record label featuring the world’s top mobile music producers. Apptronica also plans to release a digital magazine for iPad and iPhone musicians later this month.

Apptronica president Clif Johnston worked with ambient music producer SmiteMatter to reissue the artist’s album Technopolis Lost as the netlabel’s first album launch. Originally released in 2011, Technopolis Lost is widely recognized as the breakthrough album for the genre, being composed and produced from start to finish using only an iPod touch and a first generation iPad. The reissued version of Technopolis Lost features new artwork along with a previously unreleased bonus track, Time On A Leash. The album is available now from the Apptronica website as a free / “name your price” download.

Other artists signed to the Apptronica label include Swedish bass music producer Jesper Jones and Australia-based iPad-only producer PantsofDeath. The netlabel will also release music by Mood481, the artist name used by Apptronica president Clif Johnston, who is arguably the most prolific iOS music producer on the planet with over 17 pure iOS releases.

Scheduled for launch later this month, Apptronica magazine will feature articles, app reviews and tutorials by some of the top experts in iOS music production today. Advisors and contributors include Chip Boaz, creator of the iOS Music and You blog and podcast; video tutorial producer Ryan Hemeon of iOS Mars; synth expert Fletcher Kaufman of Sunsine Audio; German iOS musician Martin Neuhold; writer and video producer John Walden from Music App Blog; and prominent iOS music blogger Tim Webb of

Robotic Drums – Drum synth with probability sequencer for iOS

Introducing Robotic Drums, a new Universal iOS app by Big Robot Studios.

Robotic Drums is a drum synthesizer with a probability sequencer.

It features:

  • 6 analog-modeled synth voices with realtime control
  • A probability sequencer for each voice
  • Dropbox support
  • Midi-clock sync support
  • AudioBus support
  • Quantized patterns switching
  • An optimized, simple UI

For more info see: or find it on the App Store.

Patchblocks is now funded to over 350%

It’s a great idea, and apparently lots of people apart from me think so too.

Miki shows us his iOS 7 Problems (video)

What Miki says …

“Here’s a quick video on problems I’m having with iOS 7 and some of my music apps. Sorry about the quality.”

ChipTune Composer – 8bit sound update

This app hasn’t seen an update for a long time so it’s great to see it get some love. Here’s what’s new:


  • 4inch screen support
  • iOS7 support

UI improvement

  • adjust slightly fluctuating finger motion at piano roll compose
  • direct channel choice

New features

  • add one more PSG/SSG part (NES style)
  • any channel in a pattern can be cleared
  • enable to switch enlarged display in edit mode
  • enable to change parameters(tonechange/tempo/volume/pan) at any beat in a part
  • 16beats/12beats compatible
  • add solo/solo+noise/mute play function to pattern mode
  • handing over tonebank setting from previous pattern
  • centering scroll button (that enable to move the central pitch of the register of any parts)
  • add long-tone option for noise channel

Bug fix

  • fix a bug where amplitude of vibratos would sometimes become unstable in CH-0
  • fix a bug where app would clash during editing tonebank at iOS7


Grantophone Sound Demo (video)

Trinity and other Bastl instruments delayed until mid-November (or will it be later?)

According to the ‘shoppage these won’t be available until the middle of this month, which is what the page said about the shop being available in October.

I do hope to see these devices soon though, the videos were very impressive.

Volca Beats, Eurorack jam (video)

Volca Beats, Eurorack jam from Sleepwalk on Vimeo.

GST-FLPH Future-Guitars-1, FunctionLoops, G-Stomper Beat Studio for Android (video)

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