Meeting Marcus Padrini from

I think I’ve know Marcus for about three years now although until a couple of weeks ago we’d never met. That’s understandable as he lives in Brazil. So it was great to finally meet him whilst he was in London a couple of weeks ago.

Marcus has been writing MusicApps for a number of years now, and I remember chatting with him on facebook early on. It’s so good to see how both Marcus and the site have kept going and have grown since then. is now the go to site for mobile music in Brazil and indeed for Portuguese speakers.

It was great to catch up with Marcus and talk about everything mobile music. Everything from apps to hardware and back again. But then that’s what happens when mobile music bloggers get together.

I hope to see musicapps go from strength to strength and especially more of Marcus’ videos, which are excellent.

If I’m ever in Brazil, I’m checking in with Marcus.

App of the week is … Junglator

Which I’ve been playing with for a while now, and is still at its introductory price of just $0.99. It’s loads of fun and Ampliy.IO have lots of plans, not just for Junglator but also for lots of new ideas.

BIAS – Microphone Position (video)

Music App Blog: SynthPatcher website – create and share iOS synth sounds

Regular iOS musicians might be interested in the recent launch of the SynthPatcher website. This is a new site that provides a focus for iOS musicians who want to connect, collaborate and share patches, sounds and samples for use in iOS-based music production. The site requires you to register to use the full range of […]

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How to import a midi file into garageband for ipad and running ios 7

BIAS – Preamp Stages (video)

Vectorscope for iPad arrives

Vectorscope is the perfect tool to analyze your stereo material. Whether you are a producer, mixer, recording artist, or student, we believe that Vectorscope will soon become an indispensable tool for all your stereo audio needs!

Vectorscope accepts audio coming either from an external iOS-compatible audio device or from an Audiobus-compatible app. Choosing one mode or the other couldn’t be easier: When the app is connected to Audiobus, the audio will be routed automatically thru it, otherwise the chosen audio source will be external — that simple!


  • Identifying issues in the stereo image
  • Checking phase and stereo balance issues
  • As a professional stereo metering with peak, RMS, peak hold, and max peak readings
  • Calibrating preamp, compressor, EQ, and other external processors’ gains for optimal stereo recording, mixing, etc.
  • And many more!

Intended Audience

  • DAW producers, mixers, recording artists, etc.
  • As an educational tool for audio engineering students
  • All kind of Audiobus addicts!

Main Features

  • Polar and Lissajous function plotting
  • 2-Channel metering with peak, RMS, peak hold, and max peak readings
  • Stereo balance meter
  • Phase correlation meter
  • Autoscale or manual scaling rates (1x up to 8x)
  • Adjustable scope fading rate
  • 5 color schemes
  • Mute Output button
  • External audio and Audiobus input
  • Total parameter recall
  • High resolution graphics optimized for Retina displays

The app is priced at $4.99.

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