DIY Gamer Kit – Make/Play/Code/Invent

I like Technology Will Save Us, I think they make good stuff and they also run courses too, and I’m very tempted to get one.

iLoud Portable Speaker Overview: Loud and Clear. Studio Monitor Sound – Everywhere You Go

If you’re a Symphonix Evolution user then the iPad Air might be on your wish list

Reading this post from the developer makes me realise just how much more powerful the Air is than the last iPad. It looks like Symphonix is going to be really amazingly powerful on the air.

BIAS – Custom Panel (video)

CRUD is now a universal app

I always like to see an app go universal, but for the most part it’s from iPhone/Touch to iPad rather than the other way around. CRUD has gone universal and is now iPhone compatible as ‘baby CRUD’.


What kind of crowdfunding project would you fund?

I regularly post details of a wide variety of crowdfunding campaigns and I know that plenty of people do fund these things, as do I. But I thought it was a question worth asking. What kind of campaign(s) really appeal to you and what kind of project would really make you want to fund it?

Why iLoud is Better Than Other Compact Powered Speakers

The daily picture …

Still love the interface

SmiteMatter Music: Apptronica – Press Release

This whole year of 2013 has been a roller coaster for me. It started off with what I thought would be a great start. Nothing went quite as planned, and everything was chaotic for me. Finally I can breathe a little bit at least on the topic of where my music is concerned. I had […]

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