Patchblocks on kickstarter is already funded!

Well it just goes to show how popular this kind of thing is on Kickstarter now. First the Touch Board from Bare conductive, and now this.

I’m probably fund this one myself. It’s all getting very expensive though.

Modular Synthesizer adds a new module

Modular Synthesizer adds a new module in the latest version, the EG-16 – Advanced Envelope Generator.

Of course the app itself is still free, so if you don’t have it so far then grab it and try it out.

Theremin I/O for iPhone arrives

I like Theremin apps, and this one looks lovely.

Play with light

Theremin I/O turns your iPhone into a touchless music instrument. It uses your camera and flash to measure the distance to your hand, this signal is then processed by a synthesizer to generate a tone.


  • Old-school synthesizer
  • Constrain input to scales (harmony quantization)
  • 8 sound presets with effect controls
  • 50+ scale presets
  • Use as a MIDI controller (requires in-app purchase)
  • Learn fast with the tutorial overlay

It’s priced at $1.99. Introductory price during the first week!

telePort Double iPad Test (video)

Video description:

100% real-time audio – No samples. telePort is used to do live sequencing.
In this video nothing is really being done, it only shows the feedback of what was already looped, moments before filming it.
The melodic and harmonic (bass line) parts were played and looped with the piano. Directly on the Step Sequencer Page of the iPad a straight rhythm is altered and the changes looped to create a longer improvised beat structure.
Also on the iPad the Sub-Division and the Duration of the static Bass pulse is altered and looped to create the variation.
Some Filter sweeps, volume changes and effect sends are also looped using the iPads.

Finally – without performing the action somewhere hear able – it is shown how you can use multiple fingers to “drag-copy” patterns (with Pitch, Velocity and Duration) using the iPad…

The end loop is by no means static, rather a combination of four independent MIDI Control loops that can be stopped or altered, re-triggered or whatever. The instruments changed one by one, you name it 🙂

I just had an extra iPad over the weekend to finish multi-iPad support and figured it deserved a small video, rushed as it might be! 😉

This is using the upcoming prototype version 0.9.2 with its (also upcoming) bi-directional iPad Controller App. The release will definitely bring better quality videos!

AppSound NLog Dance Pack

Video description:

Preview: Playing some presets of “Dance Pack” for NLogSynth (iPad and Mac!)
More infos:

From the App Archive: Band from MooCow Music

‘Band’ being demoed at the Apple WWDC 2008 Keynote

This was one of the first apps that came about for music on iOS, before it was iOS even.

Figure: NYC Subway


So I showed my buddy Cam this incredible app, Figure, and we immediately made this concept video.
He laid the track. I filmed. He broke it down. This happened.

DISCLAIMER: We added a lil pad, bass and some stutters to round it out in post for the dance scene. Couldn’t help it 😉

BIAS – JAMUP Integration

Phawuo Synth for iPad Demo with AUFX Space Massive Filth and Dirt

Samplr 1.3 video

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