Want to help the Audiobus team? Of course you do, here’s how …

Well, in fact, there’s a load of ways you can help them, here’s what they say that you can do …

Rate Audiobus

Developers rely on good reviews for their apps because it’s the one thing that new users look at to determine if an app is worth their time (and money). So please consider leaving a positive review or just a good rating for Audiobus on the App Store.

Tell your friends about Audiobus

Tell your friends about Audiobus (and Audiobus compatible apps). Word of mouth is the best way to get the word out about new apps and technologies. If you like Audiobus, take a few minutes and explain to your musician friends why it might be a cool thing to use in their next gig.

Buy other apps made by the Audiobus team

Audiobus isn’t our their first app. They’ve also made Loopy HD and SoundPrism Pro before they launched Audiobus. Of course both of them are fully compatible with Audiobus.

and finally … Swag

Last but not least (thank you @syrupcore): If you’d like to wear an Audiobus themed t-shirt to your next gig, you can grab some here.

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