Phawuo arrives and I think it says a lot

Phawuo is a monophonic virtual-analog synth with “dirty” oscillators. Good for bass sound and effects.

It features:

  • Two special oscillators with sawtooth / square waveform and pulse width modulation. They produce antialiased waveforms with inharmonicity in higher pitches.
  • distortion and feedback ring modulation for each oscillator
  • 24 dB/octave state-variable filter (LP-BP-HP)
  • two ADSR envelopes for amplitude and filter
  • LFO to modulate the frequency and pulse width of oscillators’ waveforms
  • Audiobus support. Now you can stream live audio directly to other Audiobus-compatible apps! See for more information.
  • Background audio support when connected to Audiobus
  • CoreMIDI support (input only)

So, from the specs you might wonder why I’m so interested in this app. Well, if I’m right then this app was made in Max/MSP and the code ported using Gen. Now that means that there’s some very interesting possibilities available now.

If I’ve got it wrong, my apologies.

Anyway, the app costs $1.99.

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