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Twitter news from @Futucraft


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Mobile Music Objects of Desire: The PMA-5

Roland’s lovely, not so little, and not so handheld music maker. Still available if you can find them on eBay.

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HandyHarp Server (video)

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Master FX Reverb demo (video)

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Anything new for the wait list?

It’s Monday, is there anything that needs adding into the wait list? Let me know if there is, or just take a look and see what’s coming up.
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In case you missed it from the 1st …

Movember is upon us already and it is time again to dig deep and support a very good cause. I will of course me developing my ‘mustache’ in accordance with the Movember rules, so if you want to know more and make a donation please take a look at my Movember page here.

And thanks to the commenter who pointed out that I’d spelt November wrong. Glad you’re so on the ball.

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Are you using Dropbox with your apps?

If you’re not using dropbox then it’s something you should to check out as loads of apps are now using it as a default for online storage and for a variety of other purposes too, and it works quite well in my view. If you’re not using it you can get your own dropbox by clicking this link, and what’s more you’ll get an extra 500mb just for using this link (and so will I)!
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iRig Recorder FREE update

iRig Recorder FREE gets a pretty good update. Here’s what’s new:


  • Digital Audio Support (use any standard 30-pin/Lightning audio interface)
  • Audiobus Integration*
  • Audio Copy functionality
  • Retina and iPhone 5 Displays Update
  • Restore In-App Purchases Function

* requires iPhone 4, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad 2 or later

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The daily picture …

Not strictly mobile, but in fact a load of fun to play with, especially with bananas … Why is that I wonder?

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Twitter news from @BitShapeSoft