Noisemusick is free

Noisemusick has gone free from a previous price of $0.99.

So, Movember is here and here’s a couple of things you can do to help

So you’ve seen the Palm Sounds ‘Movember’ logo, you’ve seen the amazing nils supporting Movember too. Here’s a few ideas on how you too can be involved and help.

  1. Spread the word, tweet, blog, whatever. My Movember page is here.
  2. Make a donation. However small it all counts.
  3. If you’re a developer, consider making a statement in your app for Movember, just like nils.

Things you can do to make mobile music better: 2

Keep sharing your music on SoundCloud or wherever else makes sense for you.

Open up nils today and this is what you’ll find

Which is completely amazing. I’m so glad to see this developer supporting a really important cause, and with a totally great app too.

What’s you fav app and what do you want from it?

So, which app is keeping you busy right now and what would you really like to see it get updated with? What’s the feature you really want to see? Comment it in and here.

It is time, and I think you know what to do …

Movember is upon us already and it is time again to dig deep and support a very good cause. I will of course me developing my ‘mustache’ in accordance with the Movember rules, so if you want to know more and make a donation please take a look at my Movember page here.

The daily picture …

The wonderful, if not entirely mobile, Molecule Synth.

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