Synthecaster for iPhone arrives

Nice to see a new synth which is for the iPhone first. Here’s the full description of Synthecaster.

Synthecaster fuses elements from guitars and keyboards into a full range polyphonic instrument that is intuitive, accommodates a wide variety of playing styles, and generates an even wider variety of sounds. The instrument fits on a mobile screen, yet allows for technical playing styles such as shredding and complex chord formation.

  • Keys are arranged in string-like rows (tuned in perfect fourths by default)
  • Sliding across keys in a row results in legato sliding or portamento gliding from note to note
  • Sliding a key up or down will bend its pitch in the same direction
  • Several notes can be played on the same row simultaneously
  • Up to 5 notes can be played simultaneously
  • The entire keyboard spans over 6 octaves (not including the range added by oscillator tuning)

Synthecaster’s audio is generated by a powerful and highly configurable polyphonic synth engine:

  • Dual oscillators with individual tuning
  • Filter with envelope sweeping
  • Amplifier ADSR envelope
  • Soft clip, hard clip, bitcrush, and downsampling distortion
  • LFO assignable to amplitude, filter cutoff, or oscillator tuning
  • Stereo flanger, chorus, and delay effects
  • Over 30 preloaded synth presets
  • Create custom presets and share them using AirDrop, Messages, or Mail
  • High quality 44.1 kHz stereo audio output
  • Audiobus compatibility

For best results, play through speakers or headphones.

Note: Requires iPhone 4S or newer device running iOS 7.
Not recommended for iPhone 4 due to performance issues.

The app is priced at $0.99.

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