Meeting up with Matthias Krebs of DigiEnsemble and AppMusik

I mentioned in my ‘Out and about‘ post the other day that I’d been lucky enough to meet Matthias, so here’s a bit more about our getting together …

It’s always brilliant to meet people who share a passion for mobile music creativity, so when Matthias contacted me and told me that he was going to be in London I really wanted to do everything possible to make sure we could meet up, and I’m very glad that we did.

I’ve known of the amazing work that Matthias and the DigiEnsemble have been doing for some time now, and if you don’t know about what they do then I’d strongly suggest that you visit DigiEnsemble and his music app blog, AppMusik. The work that Matthias has been doing with DigiEnsemble is unique to say the least. I’m not sure of anyone else in the mobile music world that’s doing anything like on the same scale as Matthias.

But that’s not all, Matthias is doing great things in education, running workshops and now moving into research as well.

It was so good to meet him and discover we had so much in common.

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