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I thought it might be interesting (and you can tell me whether it is or not) to let you know a few of the projects and other stuff that I get involved with as a result of the Palm Sounds blog. The reason I thought it might be interesting is that in many ways Palm Sounds isn’t just a blog about mobile music, but quite a lot more these days, but for the most part that largely sits behind the scenes, or at least I don’t always make a point of mentioning stuff that often.

So I thought I’d change that a little and tell you a few things about what I get up to. Here goes …

Meeting Lucky Frame:
Back in August I was in Edinburgh for the Festival and took the opportunity of popping in on the lovely people from Lucky Frame who make Wave Trip, Gentlemen, and of course the awesome Mujik. Whilst I was there they were putting the finishing touches on the version Gentlemen for Ouya. It was great to talk about their apps and their work in combining music making and gaming.

Heart n Soul Sound Lab Project:
I’ve mentioned this project before. In fact, when I checked I’ve posted about it a few times now, including this post about getting our configurations of apps right and starting off the project. Well I’m glad to say that it looks like this project is going to keep going and doing even more interesting things with encouraging creativity and collaboration. I don’t have details of the next events, or how the project will evolve but I’m glad to continue to be a part of it as I think it’s a really important use of mobile technology, so expect to hear more in the coming months.

Heart n Soul Beautiful Octopus Club:
Of course the final outcome of the Sound Lab was the event at the Royal Festival Hall and I’ve also included a link to the pictures that Heart n Soul posted to flickr of the event.

The Fish Police album launch:
This is linked in to the work that Heart n Soul do and I was really pleased to get invited along. It turned out to be a very interesting event, and I’ve got some video and pictures to post on that in the next few days. Also the Fish Police launched their own iPad app at the same time which lets you remix one of the album tracks. Take a look here.

Music TechPitch 4.5
I’ve been chairing MT4.5 for a little while now and this time I was really pleased to be able to get Mick Grierson from Goldsmiths to come along and talk about some of the amazing technology that they’ve been developing including their maximillian library. I think this deserves a post in its own right, so I’ll tell you more about that another time. Soon though.

Meeting Matthias Krebs
I was lucky enough to get to meet up with Matthias last week when he was briefly in London. If you don’t know Matthias and the DigiEnsemble then I’d strongly suggest that you visit DigiEnsemble and his music app blog, AppMusik. It turns out that we actually have a lot more in common than I thought.

Meeting Marcus Padrini
I think I’ve known Marcus for about three years and I’ve been so pleased to see his blog go from strength to strength in that time. So it was great to get the opportunity to meet up with him whilst he was on a rare trip to the UK. I will be writing a bit more about all that we talked about and there might even be a picture of us in there somewhere.

So the it’s been a busy time lately, and there’s quite a few other projects on the go right now, ranging from hardware stuff coming to kickstarter, events, apps, and generally talking to people in the mobile music world about what’s going on.

I plan to post an update like this every couple of weeks or so, so if you’re interested in talking, getting together, or letting me know about your event or project, please get in touch. You can find out how to email me by clicking on the ‘about‘ button.

GuitarJack 2 USB and GuitarJack 2

Just a little comparison of the packaging as I noticed that I’d been careful enough to keep the packaging from the last version.

Music App Blog: Music App Blog newsletter – free guide when you signup

As I indicated a couple of weeks ago with the most recent promo-code giveaway I ran on the blog, I’ve been putting in place an email newsletter system for the Music App Blog. If you want to get a weekly fix of iOS music news and a concise round-up of news, views and reviews from […]

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Please sign the Delia Derbyshire petition

I realised that I hadn’t posted a link to this but you can still add your name to the petition. It would be amazing to have Delia’s work out in the open, and even maybe a Delia app just like the Daphne Oram one?

Anyway, put your name here.

Holben Lonesome by Furry Hands (made mostly with OP-1)


ADelay2 (universal) has a big update and is still free

I don’t remember this app at all, but it’s just had a big overhaul and here’s what’s new:

This is a complete revision of ADelay. Built from the ground up, this version has an entirely new UI. It now features a bitcrusher and a resonance filter in its effects chain. Also included is a pattern bank for storing multiple slider sweeps and an Audio Player for mixing audio files with the microphone input.

For completeness here’s the original app’s description:

ADelay is a granular synthesis based audio effect processing tool for creating truly wild out there sounds. The tool is designed for the extreme, it makes it ideal for experimentation. Some great results can be had, whether they be used for creating spot effects for film or for simply processing an instrument; ADelay works great with adapters such as iRig. Alternatively hook it into Audiobus to allow ADelay to be used as part of an Fx Chain along with other audio apps.

The app takes sound input through the internal microphone (or AudioBus), the builtin audio player or both simultaneously.

Whilst using ADelay It’s recommended that you plug your iDevice into headphones or a speaker system to prevent constant feedback (unless of course that is the desired result!) careful on those ears if using headphones, the results can be pretty loud!

By using the simple and clean interface, audio can be processed using the fx sliders controls. Slider movement can be stored in one of four different pattern banks and played back. Pattern banks can also be saved and recalled back at a later point.

The app is free.

hypebot: Promotion for the Independent Musician

There is a lot of competition in today’s music business. Between the thousands of people uploading their new material and the already established acts, it can be difficult to get the airtime you desire when presenting your music to your potential listeners. The first step to success is to do your research, the second is to make a plan. Phosphene Productions outlines key promotion ideas for independent musicians on MusicThinkTank.com “A great sounding demo can be invaluable in getting your act booked for shows and also makes a great freebie to get people interested in your music!” [Continue Reading] Related…

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R960Seq for iPad arrives

R960BSeq turns your iPad into a classic step-sequencer

  • Supports Core MIDI
  • Can control any background MIDI enabled App
  • Runs in the background
  • MIDI input for External Clock and MIDI Sync
  • Compatible with iOS MIDI interfaces
  • Supports MIDI clock and Transport

Note R960BSeq does not generate audio, but rather send MIDI to Synthesizers.

The app is priced at $4.99.

If you’re looking for more than just a catch up on last week …

You can always just use the ‘round up‘ tag to check out all (or at least most) of the weekly round up posts to make sure you haven’t missed anything too big.

ASlicer for iPad arrives

ASlicer is a flexible granular synthesis based audio manipulation tool for creating truly out there sound compositions. Part sampler, part sequencer, part remix tool, the app lets your imagination run wild and transforms sound slices into new and exciting sonic shapes.

The app records to a sound buffer through the internal microphone (or AudioBus), from an audio file or both simultaneously. During the recording process the application detects hit points, which after the recording process has completed it uses to assign a series of slices to each of the apps 16 Tiles. Slice assignment can be changed manually afterwards if so desired. Each of the sixteen tiles is a playback machine in its own right with it’s own set of assignable playback parameters and Fx settings, which can be mixed and adjusted within each of the Tiles “Pad” mode. Patterns of tiles can be recorded and played back using the tile sequencer panel.

The Tech

  • Playback slices, forward and reverse at different speeds
  • Extreme pitch shifting independent of playback speed
  • Window Adjustment, grainy!
  • Modulated Feedback Delay for generating some truly wild sounds
  • Filter and BitCrush Effects
  • Multiple playback modes for each tile offering versatile creative possibilities.
  • Pattern sequencer with 8 preset banks
  • Fx Preset Save and Recall
  • Project Save and Recall
  • Audio Export With In App Purchase
  • Share recorded tracks with Soundcloud With In App Purchase
  • AudioBus Support Input and Output
  • Import and export via iTunes
  • Purchase sample packs with a wide varied of studio produced sounds to remix.

ASlicer works best on iPad3 and above, happy slicing!

The app is free but with IAPs.

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