GuitarJack 2 USB up close

The inputs and outputs on the GuitarJack 2USB are identical to those on the last iteration of the hardware with the obvious exception of the connector.

n-Track Studio Pro Multitrack Recorder (universal) arrives

This new version of n-Track Studio, the ‘Pro’ version is basically the original n-Track Studio but with all of the IAPs included in one go. For completeness I’ve included the full app description here.

n-Track Studio is an audio and MIDI multitrack recorder that turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a full-fledged recording studio. You can record and playback a virtually unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks, mix them during playback and add effects.
You can also edit, cut, copy and paste, zoom and drag waveforms.
All the audio tracks are saved as standard wave files and mixed “on the fly” during playback.
Once you are satisfied with the recording you can send it by email with a touch of the finger. Or you can mixdown the recorded song in standard .wav or .m4a format which you can later open with any 3rd party audio application or use to create an audio CD. You can also export the song in multitrack .sng format and open it with the desktop (Mac and Windows) version of n-Track.
2nd and 3rd generation iPod Touch devices require an external mic.

How it works

  • Record a base track (i.e. rythm guitar) with the built-in mic
  • Plug a standard headphone, record a solo or vocal track while listening to the rythm track
  • Press play to listen to the multitrack recording, use the mixer to adjust levels, pan, apply EQ add effects
  • Email the recording directly from your device

Main features

  • The max number of tracks depends on the device capabilities, with the iPad or iPhone 4 you can typically use 10 tracks or more
  • EQ with Spectrum analyzer + chromatic guitar Tuner
  • Import existing tracks from your iTunes library
  • Reverb, Echo, Chorus+Flanger, Tremolo, Pitch Shift, Phaser, Tube-Amp and Compression effects can be added to any track and master channel
  • MIDI tracks with builtin synth featuring 128 General MIDI instrument sounds, MIDI editing in the Piano Roll window, support for external MIDI keyboard and inter-app MIDI
  • n-Track is available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Exchange and share your projects on all your desktop and mobile devices
  • Supports Audiobus: you can send audio from other apps to n-Track, play your favorite instrument app and record the output inside n-Track alongside the device mic/line input. Each Audiobus app can be recorded to a separate track
  • Supports interapp audio: receive audio from instrument apps (interapp audio requires iOS 7)

Advanced features

  • Support for multichannel external audio devices on the iPad: record 4 or more tracks simultaneously from pro-audio devices such as the RME Babyface, Fireface, Focusrite Scarlett etc.
  • Choose microphone on multi-mic devices and set microphone polar pattern (e.g. cardiod, omnidirectional)
  • Set recording resolution to 16, 24 or 32 bits
  • Set sampling frequency up to 192 khz (frequencies above 48000 hz require an external audio device)
  • Allows monitoring and processing live audio input with near-zero latency
  • Automate track volumes and pan using volume and pan envelopes
  • Use group channels to group and process tracks together
  • Support for multiple audio output when using compatible USB devices
  • 3D frequency spectrum
  • AudioCopy & Paste allows transferring audio files between compatible apps

Standard vs Pro editions

  • n-Track Pro includes all the features that are otherwise available as in-app purchases for the n-Track app. In short n-Track Pro = n-Track + all available in-app purchases

The app is priced at $16.99 (£11.99)

Fingerbaby: Tribute to Michael Angelo Batio (video)

Votan Telepathy for iPad arrives …

I always love it when an app describes itself as ‘ground breaking‘. Perhaps it’s just me but I wonder whether someone other than the developer should make statements like this?

Anyway, here’s the app’s description. If you’re considering it then pay careful attention to the end where they say that if you want to use this for synthesis you’ll need a 4th gen iPad or more!

Votan Telepathy is a groundbreaking multi-purpose synthesis engine harnessing cutting edge technologies with traditional sound sculpting techniques. The power beneath Votan Telepathy is based in its cloud and communication platform where you can create sounds and instantly share with friends and colleagues.

The Votan Telepathy synthesis engine is also available as an 32/64 bit Audio Unit plugin with the iOS app acting as an ultra low latency touch controller for multiple instances of the synth in your favourite DAW. You can create new sounds on your iPad, that magically appear in the Audio Unit to be used in a professional DAW environment.

Votan Telepathy Synthesis Engine

4 x Free Range Oscillators with Band-limited alias free Virtual Analogue waveforms. Free-range means they can be unlocked from key frequencies, and then used intelligently as audio rate modulators for FM and Ring Modulation. You can also morph between the different wave-shapes (Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Square).

4 x Multi-filters with traditional Virtual Analog(Moog Ladder, MS20, TB303 emulations), Digital IIR and Formant Phase filters, 2/4 Pole with standard filter types Low Pass, High Pass, Band Reject, and Band Pass.
In depth internal filter routing between the filters, with Parallel, Series and Stereo Split.

4 x LFO’s with transitional and morphing wave shapes.

4 x Envelopes, standard ADSR, Filter and 2 x assignable envelopes.

6 x Modulation Matrix Slots for extensive modulations

4 x FX Slots with Delay, Distortion, Chorus, Flange, 4 Band EQ, Decimator, and Glitch algorithms.

Performance Control:
4 x XY Pads, with direct assignment of ALL parameters for in-depth performance control. You can trigger notes directly from the Pads.
User assignable Keyboard with key selector(select the keys you need to play, not the rest)

Binaural Beat Generator:
Votan Telepathy has been built with binaural synthesis in mind. You can assign each oscillator to play through Left or Right channels to create binaural beats with extended synthesis capabilities. The system can create all brain frequencies from 0.01hz up to megahertz. Get experimenting with the invisible frequencies of the mind.

Votan Telepathy Audio Unit:
Votan Telepathy is also available an 32/64 bit AudioUnit and is a direct mirror of the iOS app and fully compatible with all presets. Your preset library is synced over all devices and apps.
Imagine the power of being able to create new soundscapes on your iDevice, then they magically appear in the DAW work session. Tweak sounds on the fly, then polish them into your productions.

Votan Connect:
The iOS app of course can also act as a touch controller for the audio unit offering almost zero latency control of multiple instances of the audio unit plugin. Totally integrated synthesis and control like never seen before.

Votan Cloud:
The Votan Cloud is a powerful integrated Preset Management System. Users can create soundscapes and store them in their own device or in the Votan Cloud. In the Votan Cloud patches can be instantly shared with other users. The VotanDSP team will be in constant creation of new sounds so they will be instantly available for all users of the system. You can chose to make your preset library public or private.

  • iPad 4+ recommended for iOS synthesis.
  • iPad 2+ for controlling the Audio Unit.

The app is priced at $6.99 (£4.99).

The Fish Police app arrives

Which is great news as I’m going to the launch of their album tonight! The Fish Police are associated with Heart n Soul, which is the organisation I worked with on the Sound Lab project. Just so you know.

Here’s the app’s description:

`Fishwater, not Dishwater’ is a song by The Fish Police. With this app, you can remix it on your iPad, and perform your own unique version.

By giving you control over the song arrangement and a whole range of mind-bending effects you become the producer of the next Fishwater Remix.

And the app is free, so please do give it a try.

Inter App Audio demo using Auria, AUFX:Space and AUFX:Dub

Phaedra ipad app powering a Waldorf Bloefeld (video)

phaedra ipad app powering a Waldorf Bloefeld. I did some additional sequencing (pads, dorms) on Yamaha Motif. Recorded on a Canon 60D

DMT 155: Telefonica/Rhapsody, Twitter Music,, HMV’s App, iTunes Radio

Even more fingerbaby: keypad (video)

The Korg Volca Dub (video)

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