BeatMaker 2.5 arrives and we say hoorah!

Here’s all that’s new and shiny in 2.5. Isn’t it lovely?

  • Compatible with Apple iOS Inter-App Audio (iOS7 only, iPhone+iPad)
  • Compatible with iOS 7 on all devices (fix the graphic glitch on iPhone 5S)
  • INTUA Sound Store for getting new kits and sound banks
  • New effect: Stereo delay
  • MIDI note learn on drum machine: configure each drum sampler exactly like your MIDI controller
  • MIDI Clock and MIDI transport messages improved
  • Quick MIDI CC touch’n’learn on instruments, mixer and effects controls
  • Every instrument will listen on MIDI Channel #1 by default
  • Take-over mode for reading back sequencer automations
  • Looping will no longer reset automations
  • OMNI disabled by default
  • MIDI Clock messages are sent by default
  • Auto-saved sessions (“Last Session”) now saved with project name, in a special directory “Auto-saved Sessions”
  • MIDI configuration templates will now save custom note mapping
  • GM Drum mapping mode in Drum Machine MIDI configuration panel
  • Note length can be edited directly on the pattern editor
  • Missing samples will still be displayed on pads and keyboard mapping editor for easier recovery (prefixed with a cross)
  • Update to Audiobus SDK 1.0.2
  • Other fixes and enhancements

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